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Siniaalto was founded in 2002 by Ilai Rämä, Teemu Halmkrona and Tuomas Mettänen. Music of Siniaalto has been described as psychedelic ambient music. It is filled with different colours, moods and landscapes and it keeps the listener's mind awake.

Siniaalto has gained reputation by using old synthesizer gear from different continents of the world. Theremin, Rhodes, dual Juno 6:s and different analog synthesizers are the root of their music.

Siniaalto has released 3 full length albums and one 7" vinyl single and also one album available only from internet. The cover art for the albums are painted by Jussi Löf.

contact: siniaalto (at) ut3.org

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"Open your eyes and focus, what's about to follow is important: if you're into something the Tangerine Dream or Klaus Schultze did in the mid-70's, well, Siniaalto is somewhat a modern version of the same stuff." -Verdura Records